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Martin Puryear’s  Slavery Memorial was installed on Brown University’s campus this week. Check out images of the process below.



Technicians placing the 10 ton sculpture in the ground.


photo 1 (4)

Martin Puryear and Andrew Pharmer of Polich Tallix looking over the Monument’s finish.


The world-renowned sculptor, Martin Puryear, came to campus yesterday to help site the Slavery Memorial that he has designed for Brown University. The Bell Gallery’s preparatory team built a full-scale model of the memorial, which was used to determine where the final version will be placed. The memorial will be made of ductile cast iron and granite, and it will live on the front green (also known as the quiet green) next to Hope College. The dedication is planned for next fall. Below are some images of the artist at work.




Sculptor Martin Puryear (right) and project manager John Cooke siting full-scale model of the Memorial to Slavery and Justice.


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